Razban Chavosh Anshan Co

Razban Chavosh Anshan Co(RCA CO), based on its 30 years of expertise and experience with the aim of cooperating with Iranian farmers and livestock breeders and connecting to world markets,was established in 2014.The company has come to this endeavor to take a positive and effective step in increasing the production of agricultural products, animal husbandry, and job creation and value in the country, and most importantly, its religion over the prosperity and success of its former homeland


Therefore, the founding members of the company, with the firm belief and faith, decided to take this important mission by believing in a great god, adopting a long and long-term plan, as well as using expert and efficient forces in all fields and, most importantly, relying on commitment. Iron and tireless ones take a solid and powerful step on this path.

The most important role played by Razban Company with regard to the capabilities and necessities of the country's economy in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry is first to increase the level of performance and efficiency of the industry activists through technological and technological development, and then marketing and sales of products Domestic production in the country and region and in the world, which deals with the continuous observation of the state of the day for these industries around the world, as well as the identification of new active and potential new markets.

export & import: alfalfa seed and alfalfa hay
The activity basins of our company are in the fields of importing and exporting alfalfa seed, alfalfa forage, chemical fertilizers and toxins related to alfalfa cultivation, as well as equipment and equipment related to alfalfa cultivation. Accordingly, from all active companies around the world in the field of Alfalfa issues are inviting to cooperate in the Iranian and Middle Eastern markets. Our company, with the help of expert and active forces, can provide excellent cooperation for all those interested in participating in the Iranian market.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for companies around the world who want to work on alfalfa and its products in Iran. We can cooperate well with volunteers in marketing and distributing and selling alfalfa (seed-fertilizer-equipment) products. We are also keen on scientific cooperation and we are ready to work together on research on alfalfa and related matters. We believe that trade based on science is the best kind of business.